Meet The Jolly Home Team

Whitney Jolly-Loreaux

Whitney was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs that taught her the value of hard work and integrity. In 2014, she made the move across the river to Anderson Twp, where she resides today with her Husband and six children. 

Whitney has over 13 years of experience in Real Estate. As the Team Leader, she works with buyers and sellers, as well as oversees the transactions of the entire team. 

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Lisa Courts

Lisa Courts is a wife, mother of 3, NKU graduate, and has a true love for real estate. Before even considering getting her license, as a hobby, Lisa would research local homes for sale, evaluating their features and prices.

With all that said, Lisa’s best quality is loyalty and enthusiasm (any other enneagram 7’s out there?). When if comes to her clients, she treats them as family. A client’s opportunity gives Lisa the excitement to not only to find them a house, but to put them in a home.

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Hannah Chaney

Hannah is the Admin for the Jolly Home Team. Her attention to detail and great communication skills make her a vital part of the team. She ensures that transactions make it from start to finish as smooth as possible.

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